Who we are and how we aspire to be

Our culture

Our Purpose "Enhance people's well-being" and our Core Values clarify what it means to be part of the great Lampenwelt team. Get to know our guidelines what we set ourselves in our daily work together. 

Communicate openly

An open communication culture where everyone can say what they think is extremely important to us. Everyone should know the context. In addition, information is shared across all levels so that informed decisions can be made and problems identified early. We build trust through transparent, respectful and honest communication at all levels. This kind of communication is critical to our success - and it makes everything we do so much easier.

The success of our colleagues and customers is our success. That's why they are at the center of everything we do. We put ourselves in their shoes to identify and understand their needs. The result is exceptional service. Success, or rather the smile of a customer, is the basis of our constant growth, our engine and our drive. But not only externally, in the relationship with our customers, partners and suppliers, but also internally, in the support of our employees, this Core Value forms the basis of our teamwork.

We don't always agree, and we don't have to. Bringing different opinions into constructive debate is a valuable part of our diversity. This allows us to question things and also forms the basis for quick and correct decisions. Everyone has the opportunity to contribute their opinion or ideas - but in the end, the best idea still wins.And most importantly, we stand together behind the decision and drive it forward as if it were our own. That makes us an even better and faster company.

We take responsibility for our work to make Lampenwelt better every day. We celebrate entrepreneurial thinking and acting - for ourselves and even more so in the team: Each and every one of us has the opportunity and the the duty to constantly push the limits of what is possible in order to raise Lampenwelt to the next level. Our team consists of doers. We put things into action. What counts are results, not the time invested. That's exactly the attitude that sets us apart.

We invest our time in the solution rather than wasting it on the problem. We prefer to approach the immature plan proactively and pragmatically rather than drowning in perfectionism. Platitudes like "We've always done it this way" are no justification for us - our drive and motivation lie precisely in getting better every day and breaking new ground. And that is precisely why we are fast enough to outpace others in our dynamic environment. We set clear priorities and focus on doing the right things. Standing still means going backwards, which is why we constantly question our routines and don't rely on the fact that the things we do today will still be the right ones tomorrow.

In the spotlight - these Core Values inspire our colleagues

We asked our team: What is your favourite core value?

Anika Mack

Product Owner User Experience

Daniel Goller

Director B2B

Mareike Richter

Management Assistant

Maximilian Höfer

Head of BI & Business Controlling